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Check out our recent publications:

  1. Synthesis and study of the complex formation of a cationic alkyl-chain bola amino alcohol with DNA: in vitro transfection efficiency.
    D. Paiva, T. Markowski, B. Dobner, G. Brezesinski, H. Möhwald, M. do Carmo Pereira, and S. Rocha
    Colloid Polym. Sci 2015, published online. [LINK]   
  2. Highly asymmetrical glycerol diether bolalipids: synthesis and temperature-dependent aggregation behavior
    T. Markowski, S. Drescher, G. Förster, B.-D. Lechner, A. Meister, A. Blume, and B. Dobner
    Langmuir 2015, accepted, DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.5b02951. [LINK]   

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