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Matthias Schulz



Arbeitsgruppe: Prof. Binder

Office: Von-Danckelmann-Platz 4, room 4.05

Lab: E.3.23, phone: 25981

FAX: 27392

Working fields:

  • Synthesis of amphiphilic PIB-PEO block copolymers (BCPs) via living carbocationic polymerization methods coupled with azide/alkyne-click chemistry
  • Self organization of amphiphilic PIB-PEO BCPs at the air/water interface
  • Interaction of amphiphilic BCPs with model membranes/ lipid monolayers and liposomes (GUVs)


  • Langmuir film balance (compression isotherms)
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy at the air/water interface
  • Confocal-laser scanning microscopy (c-LSM)
  • MALDI- and ESI-mass spectrometry
  • Gel permeation chromatography (GPC)

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