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Electric field induced biaxiality and the electrooptic effecting a bent-core nematic liquid crystal, M. Nagaraj, Y.P. Panarin, U. Manna, J. K. Vij, C. Keith, C. Tschierske, Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 011106 (2010)

Reversible aggregation of X-Shaped bolaamphiphiles with partially fluorinated lateral chains at the air/water interface, Patrycja Niton, Andrzej Zywocinski, Robert Hoyst, Robert Kieffer, Carsten Tschierske, Jan Paczesny, Damian Pociecha and Ewa Górecka, Chem. Commun., 46, 1896-1898 (2010)

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Mesomorphic property of 2,5-dibenzoyloxy-, 5-benzoylamino-2-benzoyloxy-, and 2,5-dibenzoylaminotropones with mono-, di-, and tri-alkoxyl groups on the benzoyl groups and their benzenoid derivatives, Akira Moria, Tomohiko Itoh, Hisashi Taya, Kanji Kubo, Seiji Ujiie, Ute Baumeister, Siegmar Diele, Carsten Tschierske, Liq. Cryst. 37, 355-368 (2010)

Biaxial Nematic Phases (20th Anniversary Article), Carsten Tschierske, Demetri J. Photinos, J. Mater. Chem, 20, 4263-4294 (2010)

Development of polar order in liquid crystalline phases of a banana compound with a unique sequence of three orthogonal phases, Christina Keith, Marko Prehm, Yuri. P. Paranin, Jagdish K. Vij and Carsten Tschierske, Chem. Commun., 46, 3702-3704 (2010)

Achiral Bent-Core Molecules with a Series of Linear or Branched Carbosilane Termini: Dark Conglomerate phases, Supramolecular Chirality and Macroscopic Polar Order, Yongqiang Zhang, Ute Baumeister, Carsten Tschierske, Michael J. O’Callaghan, Christopher Walker, Chem. Mater. 22, 2869-2884 (2010)

GISAXS in the study of supramolecular and hybride liquid crystals, G. Ungar, F. Liu, X. B. Zeng, B. Glettner, M. Prehm, R. Kieffer, C. Tschirerske, J. Phys. 247, 012032 (2010)

Silylated Bent-Core Molecules: The Influence of thr Direction of the Carboxyl Connecting Groups on the Mesophase Behaviour, R. Amaranatha Reddy, Ute Baumeister, Jessie Lorenzo Chao. Horst Kresse, Carsten Tschierske, Soft Matter. 6, 3883-3897 (2010)

Bicontinuous cubic phase with the Pn3m space group found by N,N,N-tris(5-alkoxytroponyl)-1,5,9-triazacyclododecanes, Akira Moria, E.mi Yamamoto, Kanji Kubo, Seiji Ujiie, Ute Baumeister, Carsten Tschierske, Liq. Cryst. 37, 1059-1065 (2010)

Tailor-designed polyphilic promotors for stabilizing dispersions of carbon nanotubes in liquid crystals, Martin Kühnast, Carsten Tschierske, Jan Lagerwall, Chem. Commun. 46, 6989-6991 (2010)

Towards Efficient Dispersions of Carbon Nanotubes in Thermotropic Liquid Crystals, Stefan Schymura, Martin Kühnast, Vanessa Lutz, Stefan Jagiella, Ursula Dettlaff-Weglikowska, Siegmar Roth, Frank Giesselmann, Carsten Tschierske, Guisy Scalia,  Jan Lagerwall, Adv, Funct. Mater. 20, 3350-3357 (2010)

Sign reversal in the dielectric anisotropy as functions of temperature and frequency in the nematic phase of a bent-core liquid crystal, Yun Jang, Vitaly P. Panov, C. Keith, C. Tschierske, J. K. Vij, Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 152903 (2010)

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Field-induced transformations in the biaxial order of non-tilted phases in a bent-core smectic liquid crystal, Y.P. Panarin, M. Nagaraj, J. K. Vij, C. Keith, C. Tschierske, EPL. 92, 26002 (2010)

Liquid crystal display modes in a nontilted bent-core biaxial smectic liquid crystal, M. Nagaraj, Y.P. Panarin, J. K. Vij, C. Keith, C. Tschierske, Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 213505 (2010)

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